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Bethesda has announced a new fan event for Fallout 76, which will be held at an extremely appropriate event; the annual Mothman Festival in West Virginia. Bethesda will be hosting a tent at the festival and are inviting fans to cosplay and otherwise attend the event. It is scheduled to take place this weekend; the 15th and 16th of September.

The Fallout 76 Fan Event at the Mothman Festival

Bethesda announced the fan event today via a Twitter post, detailing what they have planned for the weekend. The Fallout 76 fan event will be taking place in Point Pleasant, West Virginia; the site of the Mothman Festival, and of the famous Mothman sightings which are its inspiration. According to the post, there will be a Bethesda tent at the festival; “Stop by our tent to get your photo with Vault Boy, show off your cosplay, and to get some fun Fallout 76 giveaways to take on your travels!”

Mothman is perhaps the most famous folkloric creature in West Virginia. Indeed, the monster will be featuring in Fallout 76 in some capacity, though little has been shown of it so far. The mothman was first reportedly sighted in 1966. It was popularized from 1970 to 1975, when John Keel published “The Mothman Prophecies” and claimed that the 1966 sightings were supernatural in nature, as well as linked to the collapse of the nearby Silver Bridge. Since then, the monster has been well known in American folklore.

The Fallout 76 Fan Event is Taking Place at an Annual West Virginian Festival Inspired by Mothman

The Mothman Festival is a much more recent event, however. The first festival was held in 2002 in the town of Point Pleasant. The town also features a statue of the mothman, which was unveiled in 2003, and a Mothman Museum and Research Centre, opened in 2005. Given the turnout to Fallout 76 fan events in the past, it certainly seems likely that Bethesda could draw quite a crowd to the annual event this weekend.